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Do your dashboards, data analyses and reports produce true insights and business intelligence?

Do they enable people in your company to make better business decisions?

Those who have access to the most data don’t necessarily make the best business decisions. In fact, more often than not, analysing too much data can lead to confusion, wasted time and a lack of decisions.

What do you need to make better business decisions?

Agreement on the most important performance metrics to measure

KPIs which are aligned to strategic objectives

Reports and dashboards which are easy to understand and include insights for the end user

An understanding of the data (including any limitations of its use)

Investment in the development of business acumen skills


How CE Consultancy can help you get the most out of your data

Work with you to decide which metrics you should use to measure the performance of your teams


Develop dashboards for managment teams to track KPIs


Create Excel based models:

Health Economic Models

Rebate and Dispensing Discount Models

Sales Target Setting Models

Market Segmentation Models

Sales Forecasting Models


Build reporting tools for your teams to enable them to analyse their business


Deliver tailored training sessions for sales and marketing teams on:

Making sense of different data sources

Using Excel to analyse data

Analysing data in preparation for annual operating plans

Use of data for performance management and reward and recognition schemes (best approaches and common pitfalls